An OSX Yosemite Today Widget for travis-ci statusses
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Travis Today

Travis Today is an OSX Yosemite Today widget that displays build statuse for travis-ci.

To use it right now you can:

  • Clone this repository
  • Add the repositories that you want to see in your widget in Today/Config.swift. For example: REPOS = [Repo(slug: 'jurre/dotfiles', access: .Private), Repo(slug: 'travis-ci/travis-core', access: .Public)] Also set up a Github key here if you want to add private repos. Check out Today/Config.swift.sample to get an idea.
  • Run the Travis target once, you can close it now, the widget should be added to your today view (click edit on the bottom and you can add the travis widget)

Eventually you should be able to configure everything in the host app.



  • Use keychain to store travis access token (right now it's in NSUserDefaults which isn't safe)
  • Some sort of polling/hooking into Travis' Pusher service
  • Notifications when builds fail
  • A nice UI to configure your repos/keys
  • More idiomatic swift
  • Tests (the irony!)


Jurre Stender