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  • January.6.12: 1.0.15 release

    • Bug fix add_style specified number formats must be explicity applied for libraOffice
    • performance improvements from ochko when creating cells with options.
    • Bug fix setting types=>[:n] when adding a row incorrectly determines the cell type to be string as the value is null during creation.
    • Release in preparation for password protection merge
  • December.14.11: 1.0.14 release

    • Added support for merging cells
    • Added support for auto filters
    • Improved auto width calculations
    • Improved charts
    • Updated examples to output to a single workbook with multiple sheets
    • Added access to app and core package objects so you can set the creator and other properties of the package
    • The beginning of password protected xlsx files - roadmapped for January release.
  • December.8.11: 1.0.13 release

    • Fixing .gemspec errors that caused gem to miss the lib directory. Sorry about that.
  • December.7.11: 1.0.12 release DO NOT USE THIS VERSION = THE GEM IS BROKEN

    • changed dependency from 'zip' gem to 'rubyzip' and added conditional code to force binary encoding to resolve issue with excel 2011
    • Patched bug in app.xml that would ignore user specified properties.
  • December.5.11: 1.0.11 release

    • Added [] methods to worksheet and workbook to provide name based access to cells.
    • Added support for functions as cell values
    • Updated color creation so that two character shorthand values can be used like 'FF' for 'FFFFFFFF' or 'D8' for 'FFD8D8D8'
    • Examples for all this fun stuff added to the readme
    • Clean up and support for 1.9.2 and travis integration
    • Added support for string based cell referencing to chart start_at and end_at. That means you can now use :start_at=>"A1" when using worksheet.add_chart, or chart.start_at ="A1" in addition to passing a cell or the x, y coordinates.
  • October.30.11: 1.0.10 release

    • Updating gemspec to lower gem version requirements.
    • Added assignation for updating the cell style for an entire row
    • Added col_style method to worksheet upate a the style for a column of cells
    • Added cols for an easy reference to columns in a worksheet.
    • prep for pre release of acts_as_xlsx gem
    • added in configuration and build status
    • fixed out of range bug in time calculations for 32bit time.
    • added i18n for active support
  • October.26.11: 1.0.9 release

    • Updated to support ruby 1.9.3
    • Updated to eliminate all warnings originating in this gem
  • October.23.11: 1.0.8 release

    • Added support for images (jpg, gif, png) in worksheets.
  • October.23.11: 1.0.7 released

    • Added support for 3D options when creating a new chart. This lets you set the persective, rotation and other 3D attributes when using worksheet.add_chart
    • Updated serialization write test to verify write permissions and warn if it cannot run the test due to permission restrcitions.
    • updated rake to include build, genoc and deploy tasks.
    • rebuilt documentation.
    • moved version constant to its own file
    • fixed bug in SerAxis that was requiring tickLblSkip and tickMarkSkip to be boolean. Should be unsigned int.
    • Review and improve docs
    • rebuild of anchor positioning to remove some spagetti code. Chart now supports a start_at and end_at method that accept an arrar for col/row positioning. See example6 for an example. You can still pass :start_at and :end_at options to worksheet.add_chart.
    • Refactored cat and val axis data to keep series serialization a bit more DRY

October.22.11: 1.0.6 release

  • Bumping version to include docs. Bug in gemspec pointing to incorrect directory.

October.22.11: 1.05

  • Added support for line charts
  • Updated examples and readme
  • Updated series title to be a real title ** NOTE ** If you are accessing titles directly you will need to update text assignation. chart.series.first.title = 'Your Title' chart.series.first.title.text = 'Your Title' With this change you can assign a cell for the series title chart.series.title = sheet.rows.first.cells.first If you are using the recommended chart.add_series :data=>[], :labels=>[], :title You do not have to change anything.
  • BugFix: shape attribute for bar chart is now properly serialized
  • BugFix: date1904 property now properly set for charts
  • Added style property to charts
  • Removed serialization write test as it most commonly fails when run from the gem's intalled directory

October.21.11: 1.0.4

  • altered package to accept a filename string for serialization instead of a File object.
  • Updated specs to conform
  • More examples for readme

October.21.11: 1.0.3 release

  • Updated documentation

October.20.11: 0.1.0 release

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