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How to directly print to your ReMarkable on Mac

This tuorial wil show you how to leverage rmapi and Automator to print to your ReMarkable tablet from your Mac using the Cloud API.

This way you won't need to take the extra step of using the desktop app.

You can see a demo of it here.

Warning: If you installed rmapi before (October 1, 2018), you will need to install the latest version, otherwise rmapi will fail to authenticate after the changes in the server API that were introduced in September 28, 2018.


Open a terminal to download rmapi

Use terminal or iterm to get a terminal to run commands from it.

Download rmapi with the following command:

curl -L -o -o -o

Alternatively, you can build it from sources.


Unzip the downloaded file:


Run rmapi for first time

You need to run rmapi once to create the device and user token.

Run it with:


The first time you run it, it will ask you to go to to enter a new activation code.

You will see a prompt like this where you just need to introduce the activation code.

Enter one-time code (go to

If everything goes OK, you wil have access to the shell:

ReMarkable Cloud API Shell

You don't need to interact with it, if you don't need to, you can type exit and press return to leave it.

ReMarkable Cloud API Shell

If you are curious about the shell functionality, you can type help to see the available commands.

Write down where rmapi is installed

If you haven't moved the file anywhere else, it will be in /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/rmapi.

It is good practice to have it copied in other directory, but for simplicity, we don't do that here.

Create Automator script

Run the Automator app and create a new Print Plugin document as shown below:

Automator I

Select a Run Shell Script action:

Automator II

Change Pass input from to stdin to as arguments and type in the following content:

for f in "$@"
	/Users/javier/rmapi put "$f" 

Please, note that you will have to adjust your /Users/javier/rmapi path to match your user or whatever path you have choosen.

Automator III

Go to file and save your plugin as Print to ReMarkable.

Use it

Go to any application that supports printing and open the print dialog. Note that Chrome is slightly different because it has its own print dialog. From Chrome system print dialog can be triggered with ⌘+option+P.

In the bottom-left corner there's a PDF menu that you can click, and one of the options you should see is Print to ReMarkable. If you click it, you should see your document uploaded to your tablet in a few seconds.

Print Dialog