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Add random quotes to your app effortlessly
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Add random quotes to your app effortlessly

How to install

Install via:

gem install quotify

Then start using it:

require 'quotify'


You can generate a new quote quickly by calling the generate function:

puts Quotify.generate
=> You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Logan Paul

super_fancy_quote = Quotify.generate
=> Sarah Palin
puts super_fancy_quote.quote
=> C++ supports OOP

generate returns a Quotify::Quote object. You can then use your favorite methods on it (to_s, to_h, to_json). Currently XML is not supported. If there is a demand, we will consider adding it in the next release.

You can also use the fancy spacer option in to_s to create majestic quotes: " 🔥 ")
 => Those were alternative facts 🔥 Soulja Boy

Quotify the quote list and spacer can be updated at runtime using the configure method

Quotify.configure(spacer: ' -OG- ')
Quotify.configure(authors: ['Justin', 'Michel'])
Quotify.reset_config # returns to default configurations

You can also load your own config file using configure_with. Here is an example of a valid config file custom_quotes.yml

Quotify.configure_with(File.join(__dir__, 'custom_quotes.yml'))

Update the quote database

To pull the newest database version with all those spicy quotes, run quotify update or quotify u in the terminal.


You can run all the tests with:

bundle exec rake

If you wish to add new quotes, head over to quotes.yml and do a PR to add new ones. I'll merge pretty much everything for this file (given that it doesn't mess up the yaml).

Tip Jar

Since maintaining quotify is my full time job, I need money to pay the bills. Please donate your crypto pocket change to these addresses.

ETH: 0x67833AA7fa3eA8a515860C70c4b99dAe028D81da

BTC: 15TsW6spmpY71qq5V14mq2CzCxasnap94v

LTC: LZsHU9mp7C4wn7g1MxKRpjeJogbkajSRoe



This gem is MIT licensed, please see LICENSE for more information.

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