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Compact and flexible syntax to generate regular expressions
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Having fun with regex. Is it possible? I think so.


gem install regexify


Regexify provides a simple interface to write regex in ruby

Four methods can be used to create the regex:

  • begin_with
  • then
  • not
  • end_with

And the regex method will convert it to a Regexp object.

You can use strings/characters using these methods as well as symbols from the list below:

  • number: 0-9
  • uppercase: A-Z
  • lowercase: a-z
  • letter: a-zA-Z
  • alphanumeric: a-zA-Z0-9
  • anything: .
  • whitespace: \s
  • tab: \t
  • space:

Range and exactly can be used to specify a number of occurrences.

Here is a basic example:
  .begin_with('hello', 'hola', range: [2,3])
  .then('world', exactly: 2)
  .end_with('!', range: [1,]).regex

 => /^(hello|hola){2,3},(world){2}!{1,}$/
  .begin_with(:uppercase, exactly: 3)
  .then(:number, '-', range: [2,10])
  .not(:alphanumeric, exactly:1)

 => /^[A-Z]{3}[0-9-]{2,10}[^a-zA-Z0-9]!$/

This project was heavily inspired by regularity


This gem is MIT licensed, please see LICENSE for more information.

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