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Release Notes

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Release Notes for JusPay Safe

This wiki contains a brief note on the releases, which may not be included in the integration docs. It also contains change information, on what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current version.


  • Integration Revamping
  • Marking legacy integration as deprecated
  • Added Rupay Support
  • Custom Branding via JuspayPaymentsCallback
  • Workaround for Chrome/Webview crash during update android bug
  • Adding prefetch for proactive asset updates
  • Internal code revamp
  • MPIN Support
  • SDK size reduction
  • Sending real-time insights for quick analytics


  • Bug fixes
  • OTP Receiver enhancements


  • Sending "realtime" analytics with "sessionInfo" on Broswer Close Callback.
  • OTP Reader enhancements


  • Bug fixes


  • clearCookies are false by default.
  • Adding JuspaySafeBrowser.performLogout to enable user profile
  • AES encryption with keystore for saving customer id, in API 23 and above devices.


  • Updating certificates for SSL issue on webview 53, 54
  • Javascript API updates on Android version 19 and above
  • Enhanced performance of Reload Dialog
  • Smart Waiting Dialog Dismissal
  • Overall stability enhancements


  • Critical bug fixes


  • Adding merchant callbacks: onSessionCreated and onSessionRegistered


  • Stability enhancements


  • Html5 offline caching enabled
  • Making READ_PHONE_STATE permission on Android 23 and above optional.
  • Otp Detection logic update
  • Reload Dialog performance enhancement
  • Bug fixes


  • Storing the customer id using Android KeyStore RSA Encryption.
  • Using v1-certificates verification logic for JuspayTrustManager.
  • Bug fixes

v0.6.21.1 (Deprecated)

  • Adding an option to close the browser from Juspay Javascript for the merchants who need the final URL to be loaded and then closed.


  • Memory leak free builds for Activity-Based Integration.
  • Added onWebViewReady() callback in BrowserCallback to provide to webview in activity based integration.
  • onPageStarted() and endUrlReached() callback methods of BrowserCallback also now return WebView instance.


  • Performance enhancements (w.r.t latency)
  • Memory leak free builds for Fragment-Based Integration
  • Dropout analyzer callback added