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Lil' Wizards

A fighting game built with HTML5, CSS, and Javscript. The world's wizards have been transformed into their younger selves and must fight to regain their original forms. Play with up to three friends/enemies for maximum fun or enter the game by yourself to fight sad approximations of your friends.


  • Utilizes multiple canvases, drawing on each only when necessary to improve framerate.
  • Uses jQuery to create a multi-layered menu system with full keyboard and controller support.
  • Handles multiple audio tags to effectively render sound effects and music to the page.
  • Wields a camera system to change the 2d perspective on the fly.
  • Manages a particle system with intelligent garbage disposal to improve speed.
  • Creates a coordinate class with multiple vector functions to DRY up code.
  • Leverages a Spell Superclass that reduces boilerplate when making new spells.


  • Chrome is the only current fully-supported browser.
  • And netscape navigator.
  • Keyboard or Gamepads.


To play without downloading, go to

Otherwise, to play lag-free download the zip on the right and open game.html in your browser.

To get controllers setup, download the necessary drivers for your controllers and simply refresh the game. Tap any button for the browser to recognize your controller.


Controls can be found at the bottom of the game page.