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A slick HTML5 calculator, able to handle a multitude of mathematical things.
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Calculatoure is a very slick, versatile and easy to use scientific calculator made with HTML5. Perform complex mathematical calculations including trigonometry, algebra, base conversion and bitwise operations. Works offline (as a Chrome app).

Build requirements


API manual

First, build it:

$ makejs api

Then grab the calculatoure.api.(jgz or js, whichever you wish to serve, or both) Use a script tag to include it. Voila, you can use the api, try typing


into your js console to see if it works.

You can also run the unit tests: (requires NodeJS or a browser)

$ makejs api --unit-tests 

CLI instructions

First, build it and then install:

$ makejs cli; cd cli; sudo makejs install; cd ..

And then you can use

$ calculatoure

in the bash to start the application. ctrl+c to quit.


2011/07/11: v.0.9992 (1RC3)

  • Added literals for logical bitwise operations (AND, OR, XOR, NOT)

  • Updated logo.

  • Deprecated unusable parts of JS from the syntax parser.

2011/04/08: v.0.9991 (1RC2)

  • Some final patching up.

  • More keyboard shortcuts (try shift + directional buttons).

2011/04/07: v.0.999

  • Auto-Completion via TAB button.

  • Automatic parens closing feature.

  • Added curly and square bracket support as parens.

  • Introducing CLI version for Linux via NodeJS.

  • Some other big changes I can't remember.

2011/02/13: v.0.998

  • Option to disable reflection

2011/02/06: v.0.997

  • Easier to share

  • More keyboard shortcuts

  • History works nicer now.

2011/01/24: v.0.995

  • Readme

  • Separated UI and API

  • Calculatoure API can now be used independently.

  • Random can now also be used as a function.

  • help() recognizes rand and ans now


  • Updated to the newest version of CodeExpression.

  • Fixed a bug to do with % not working.

2011/01/14: v. 0.993

  • Repackaged (Chrome app) to work offline!

  • NOTE (for Chrome app users): If you have installed prior to this update, you should reinstall (uninstall & install).

  • To make things faster, you should bind a hotkey for Calculatoure (a guide: )

2011/01/13: v. 0.992 (Loads of cool new features!)

  • Now supports base conversions 2-16 fully (see help(base))

  • Custom variables enabled (but you still can't break anything :] )

  • ans (or answer) now returns the latest answer and ans(x) returns x:th answer, very cool for recursion.

  • Better formula memory

  • More lenient syntax, e.g. you can type 2pi equals 2pi, 256 2 also equals 2562!

  • Support for degrees and turns (e.g. sin(190deg) )

  • Fixed a critical bug for decimals starting with a zero

2011/01/04: v. 0.991 (1.0RC1, r16)

  • New design to increase productivity, functionality and eyecandy.

  • New versions of Jin and CodeExpression (MUCH faster, more reliable)

  • Lightweight code, the whole Calculatoure is now only 13.8KB. (Compare to previous ~1MB) Thus much faster, yet again.

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