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Alpha 0.13
* CLI Compiler (Credit: Jussi Kalliokoski)
* Fixed "this" keyword to refer to current instance of a class
* Fixed class method declarations - behaves like JS function declarations now
* Fixed access modifiers for nested classes
* Fixed class instantation bug in IE8 when using Object.defineProperty
* "protected" keyword and related tests are now working
* "super" keyword and related tests are now working
* Bug fixes
10/25/11 - Alpha 0.12
* Fully typed ES3
* #typesys strict will look up properties
* #typesys strict will look up the prototype chain
* #typesys strict is compatible with typed ES3
* Property assignments are saved by compiler
* Started parsing nullable types, "is" keyword
* Bug fixes to #typesys strict and classes
10/10/11 - Alpha 0.11
* Fixed parsing of rest parameters as first parameter
* Redeclaration of function parameters with let now works properly
* Static class members are now looked up properly
* Fixed bug where class members were being looked up outside of class
* Added compiler.html - web page to invoke compiler
* Fixed bugs with destructuring assignments and block scoping
* Parses and compiles all regular JavaScript tokens now
* Added exponent operator
* Added heredocs and multi-line strings
* #typesys strict handles functions and function calls
* #typesys strict handles typed arrays (StringArray et al - NOT WebGL typed arrays)
* Added type inference to object declarations in #typesys strict
Example: var a as Object = {
foo: "foo", //inferred as String
bar: 1 //inferred as Number
Easier to compose instead of declaring a type for each property.
* Created type system: #typesys strict (Strong, static typing)
* Added array comprehensions
* Added array operators, e.g. [1, 2, 3] *= 5
* Added pluggable type systems
* Added es5.js to standard library to allow for array extras et al
* Added classes. Nested classes, subclasses, access modifiers (private, public, protected), polymorphism, super, constructors, destructors, instance members, static members, overloadable methods, singletons, anonymous classes, classes as first-class citizens
* Added block scoping
* Added implicit RegExp.prototype.exec as implemented in SpiderMonkey/v8. Example: /foo/("foo")
* Added custom regex delimiters
* Added regex comments
* Added regex free spacing mode with "x" flag (ignores whitespace, comments)
* Added "inside" keyword. Shortcut for, bar)
* Added logical assignment operators &&= and ||=
* Added function default parameters
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