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JavaScript 0 3


forked from anhulife/gulp-cdn-absolute-path

A gulp plugin for replacing local path with cdn absolute path

Updated Sep 16, 2015


An SDK built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API.

Updated Nov 24, 2014

JavaScript 0 2


forked from rubenv/connect-body-rewrite

Rewrite request bodies.

Updated Sep 2, 2014

CoffeeScript 1 2


forked from firstdoit/connect-http-please

Follow redirects to https transparently and deliver them via http

Updated Aug 12, 2014

CoffeeScript 0 2


forked from firstdoit/connect-tryfiles

nginx try_files style connect middleware: serve local file if exists or proxy to address

Updated Aug 12, 2014


forked from thoughtbot/suspenders

A Rails 4 template with our standard defaults, ready to deploy to Heroku.

Updated Mar 24, 2014

Ruby 0 0


Updated Feb 23, 2014

Ruby 0 9


forked from kayaman/fat_fingers

A regex in Ruby for fixing e-mail typos. (When "" enters in "", fix it for him.)

Updated Jun 12, 2013


forked from vasinov/jruby_mahout

JRuby Mahout is a gem that unleashes the power of Apache Mahout in the world of JRuby.

Updated Jan 16, 2013

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