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Globbing support in Less-imports.

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This plugin allows to import multiple files using glob expressions. Add this plugin and you can write import like this

@import "common/**";
@import "themes/**";

How to add plugins?

Section about plugins in Less documentation


lessc usage

  1. npm install -g less less-plugin-glob
  2. Create file with import by glob, something like @import "includes/**"
  3. Run lessc --glob styles.less styles.css and enjoy whole your styles concated by one line

Programmatic usage

  1. Install plugin locally npm install less-plugin-glob
  2. Import it and add into plugins section of options.
less.render(lessString, { plugins: [require('less-plugin-glob')] })

If you are using Gulp or Grunt or something else, you can import and add plugin by same way as well.

Usage with webpack and less-loader

When using webpack and less-loader >= 4.0, it's important to make sure that less-loader is configured not to use its webpack resolver, which is now active by default. Otherwise, less-plugin-glob won't run at all because less-loader applies a LESS plugin that passes all queries to the webpack resolver (bypassing this plugin). To make less-loader revert to the LESS resolver, specify the paths loader option:

  loader: "less-loader",
  options: {
    plugins: [lessPluginGlob],
    paths: [path.resolve(__dirname, "path/to/my/styles")] // This is the important part!