The simple package installer for Windows
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Just Install

The simple package installer for Windows

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just-install is a simple program which automates software installation on Windows. Unlike the alternatives, we strive to do one simple thing and do it well: download a setup.exe and install it, without bothering the user.

To see the list of available packages head over to


Run this command in a command prompt, as an Administrator:

msiexec.exe /i

If you would like a more traditional means of installation then download just-install.msi and double click the file to install it yourself.

If you would like to automatically install programs when just-install.exe is launched, use the customizer here.

If you want to try the next upcoming version of just-install, then run the following:

msiexec.exe /i

Quick start

To install a package, for example Firefox, run:

just-install firefox

There are also other commands and flags that are described in the output of just-install help.


To contribute a new package, see here.

To work on just-install itself you will need Git, the Go compiler and the WiX Toolset. You can install them with just-install itself:

just-install git go wix


The cube icon is derived from the one available from Ionicons.