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PHPmongoDB Version 1.0.1


A tool available for administrative work of MongoDB over web - freely available. Forked from PHPmongoDB.


  1. Install PHP Webserver like APACHE, NGINX, HTTPD if you don't have one
  2. Install MongoDB PHP driver (
  3. Download the package git clone
  4. Copy the default config cp -p config.php.default config.php
  5. Open the config.php with your editor (e.g. vim config.php) and change host, port, admins etc. Default given below: -Server Setting 'name' => "Localhost", 'server'=>false, 'host' => "", 'port'=>"27017", 'timeout'=>0,
    • Make authentication = TRUE for using your MongoDB user and password.
    • Make authorization['readonly'] = TRUE for making your MongoDb readonly.
  6. Visit the index.php in your browser, for example: http://localhost/phpmongodb
  7. Login with admin username and password, which is set "admin" and "admin" as default
  8. Start playing with your MongoDBs!


Just keep your settings from config.php and make sure that config.php.default hasn't new values.

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