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v0.41 beta (March 09, 2019)

Custom-Dark theme:

  • First release of custom-dark theme as a Stand-alone add-on for the latest official Mail-in-a-Box release (doesn't mean you can't try to apply it over a nearly earlier version, just test/ try it on a development/ test server first or right after you have created a server 'snapshot' to have available a point where to return if goes wrong).


  • To download and config. the custom-dark theme as root, run:
cd && git clone -b master
cd custom-dark
/bin/bash ./ && cd
  • Then, to apply the custom-dark theme run:
/bin/bash /root/miab-themes/custom-dark/
  • To apply/ restore the default-light theme run:
/bin/bash /root/miab-themes/custom-dark/

[EDIT 190310-19:00 CET] Following some client(s) request(s) decided to change the setup scripts to delete useless directories & files accordingly to the theme liked to have installed. Then, knowing all the directories & files created/ used to apply the desired theme will be deleted automatically by de setup itself, If you wish to apply a different theme at anytime run setup again.


Watch a screen recording (gif):

Custom-Dark theme

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