Swift running on Nintendo 3DS, because why not?
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#TL;DR Nothing works at all.


I'm as surprised as you are Swift running on Nintendo 3DS, because why not?


Because I had no idea what I'm doing. And that's the best kind of an adventure


I'm not exactly sure to be honest.

But what I think it does:

  • Export parts of https://github.com/smealum/ctrulib by @smealum as a LLVM module
  • Compile Swift into LLVM IR with that modules
  • Use clang to compile that LLVM IR into an freestanding arm executable
  • Use devkitPro to link everything together



$ make


In emulator:

$ citra Swift3DS.elf

To run on an a real device, an existing entrypoint for 3rd party code-execution must be installed, I recommend https://github.com/yellows8/3ds_homemenuhax by @yellow8


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