A rapid Rails (5.2 +) application template for personal use bundled with Tailwind CSS
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Rails Kickoff – Tailwind

A rapid Rails (5.2 +) application template for personal use. This particular template utilizes Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

Tailwind depends on Webpack so this also comes bundled with webpacker support.

Inspired heavily by Jumpstart from Chris Oliver. Credits to him for a bunch here.

Included gems

How it works

When creating a new rails app simply pass the template file through.

Creating a new app

$ rails new sample_app -d <postgresql, mysql, sqlite> -m template.rb

Once installed what do I get?

  • Webpack support + Tailwind CSS configured in the app/javascript directory.
  • Devise with a new username and name field already migrated in. Enhanced views using Tailwind CSS.
  • Support for Friendly IDs thanks to the handy friendly_id gem. Note that you'll still need to do some work inside your models for this to work. This template installs the gem and runs the associated generator.
  • Foreman support thanks to a Profile. Once you scaffold the template, run foreman start to initalize and head to locahost:5000 to get rails server, sidekiq and webpack-dev-server running all in one terminal instance. Note: Webpack will still compile down with just rails server if you don't want to use Foreman.
  • A custom scaffold view template when generating theme resources (Work in progress).
  • Git initialization out of the box

Booting your local server with redis

To utilize foreman with sidekiq noted above you'll need to install redis. The gem comes within a new rails application but it is commented out. Uncomment that line and run bundle install. It also might be handy to install redis on your machine (assuming you're on a mac) run brew install redis to install it. Then in a new terminal instance you can run redis-server.

After that is running, open a new terminal instance and finally run foreman start. Head to locahost:5000 to see your app. You'll have hot reloading on js and css and scss/sass files by default. Feel free to configure to look for more to compile reload as your app scales.

Watch an overview

📹 https://youtu.be/kuKMRl8nj2w