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Freemix Tools for FontLab

Some Python scripts to be used with FontLab.

To install, just download FMX 1.0 installer.flw and open it with FontLab Studio.

FMX Glyph Table

  • This tool currently only works in FontLab 5.1 on Mac OS.
  • This is an attempt to represent all glyph-specific data in the font in an editable table.
  • To copy the data into the clipboard, run the macro in the Font Window with some glyphs selected, or no selection, which copies the whole font.
  • Try pasting the clipboard into a spreadsheet application like Excel or Numbers.
  • For built-in documentation, select “add help row”.
  • Some columns are editable: modify, copy back to the clipboard, and “paste” in FontLab by running the macro again.
  • The tool reports all changes it makes to the font (except mark and selection). While the tool is still a bit experimental, I am confident that this particular functionality is reliable: The tool will not make any changes behind your back.
  • In order to rename glyphs (i.e. modifying the base name or extension column), you need to include the index column.
  • If the index column is not pasted, the tool identifies glyphs by name, which allows you to quickly apply changes to several fonts.
  • Pasting non-editable columns does not hurt – they will be ignored.
  • Some columns support meta values such as (base comp) or (base name).
  • Screen cast coming soon.

FMX Class Walk

  • Step through your classes and see live marking of the key glyph (blue) and members.
  • The members are marked red for R classes, yellow for L classes, and orange for R&L classes.
  • Break off with OK to resume the walk at the same class later.

FMX Mark Classes

  • Marks the key glyphs of all classes blue and all members orange.
  • Gives warnings if glyphs are keys or members for multiple classes.
  • By default, this tool shows the kerning classes. In the macro code, change class_start to '.' show metrics classes.

FMX Stem Histogram

  • Inspired by Peter Karow’s method, it visualizes which stem weights occur in the font.
  • This tool merely analyzes the hints and links, it does not detect stems.
  • Select a number of glyphs, or none to output the whole font.
  • The histogram can be useful when defining standard stems.
  • You can use it to detect inconsistent stem weights.
  • The histrogram reveals wrongly set hints as they are often created by autohinting when it catches whole terminals as stems.

FMX Kerning/Metrics class

  • Select a glyph in the font window, right-click and choose from the Macro submenu.
  • This sets up a kerning or metrics class, which you will find in the Classes panel.

FMX Mark

  • Select some glyphs in the font window, right-click and choose your color.

FMX Select same Color/Suffix

  • Access by right-clicking in the Font Window.
  • Selects all other glyphs with the glyph’s color or suffix (i.e. separated by '.').

Released under the MIT License.


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