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Web-based Drawing and Painting Tools

Format: Tool Name, URL, Short Description, Author (E-mail, name, or URL)

Ascii Drawing Apps

Make8BitArt - Well-designed opensource pixel drawing site by Jenn Schiffer

asdf.us/ascii - Ascii-based drawing app by ??

AsciiFlow - Ascii diagram flowchart creator by Lewis Hemens

Pixel Drawing Apps

AstroPaint - pixel paint for the Bally Astrocade 8-bit game console by Rachel Simone Weil

Pixel Pix - Pixel painting program by XOXO

Favicon Icon Drawing - Clunky-style pixel favicon drawing by Shaleish N. Humbad

MS Paint Style

Brittle Paint - Minimal glitchy 8bit style paint software by Increpare

Monopoint - Black and white Flash-based throwback painting app like simplified early Macpaint by Increpare

Sketchpad - Feature-rich web drawing app by Sketch.io

Pencil App - Minimal scribble drawing program by Moveelo

Pencil Madness - Pencil sketching paradigm drawing app, ad-supported by Rex Gamez

PaintOnline - Ultra minimal drawing tool with just a pencil and color chooser, ad-supported, by Serge Mikhailov. This person has created a number of similar drawing apps like Eminem Dressing Game and coloring book apps for Boys and Girls.

YouIDraw - Simple easy-to-use drawing program with brushes, by YouIDraw Team

Graffiter - Graffiti painting app with walls by Rex Gamez

Graffiti Playdo - simple spraypaint drawing app, ad-supported by TotalGraffiti

ABCYa Paint - Kid Pix style painting program with lots of brushes, stickers, and coloring book functionality, by ABCYa

TuxPaint Online - Online kids Kid-Pix style paint program. Requires signup or login. TuxPaint codebase, adapted as webapp by rollApp

Slimber - Super simple drawing program by Slimber

Full-featured Illustrator-style

SVG Edit - Multiple shapes and drawing tools by CatScarlet based on SVGEdit

A Web Whiteboard - A whiteboard drawing and paste collaborative app with paid API abilities by AWW

SumoPaint - Advanced app with capabilities and functionality like Adobe Illustrator, ad-supported by SumoWare

Draw Island - Sketch and moving gif drawing tool by DrawIsland

Muro - DeviantArt-based drawing program with a variety of brushes, layers and advanced editing menu.

Sketch n Paint - Drawing app with color choices and other editing features, ad-supported by OneMotion

SpeedPaint - Full-featured drawing app with layers, adjustments, many tools. Also outputs speedpainting videos. There is a multi-user collaborative multidraw version as well. Ad-supported, open source/API codebase by Queeky

Weird Drawing Apps

No Paint - Generate pictures by accepting or rejecting auto-made marks by Jeffrey Scudder

thePRBAT - Alternative painting tool for drawing with custom, colored brushes. Jeffrey Scudder

FlockDraw - Collaborative online drawing with room and chat functionality, with gallery, ad-upported, by FlockDraw

Viscosity - Mooshy paint blending and drawing app by Jeff Weir

PsykoPaint - Painting software designed for you to paint on a layer over and emulate a photograph or famous painting. Paid version unlocks additional brushes, by PsykoSoft

FlamePainterFree - Flame brush drawing app by Peter Blaskovic

Rebelle - Drippy watercolor painting app by Peter Blaskovic

AmberLight - Particle field drawing tool by Peter Blaskovic

ConvertImage - Upload an image, choose a brush size and this program converts your photo to a painting. Can convert image to PSD, JPG, GIF, PDF, BMP, TIF, etc. By ConvertImage

Super Mario Paint - Online emulator to run Super Mario Paint in browser! Screenshot to export image? Works fullscreen. By PlayRetroGames.

IcicleBubbles - Lush bubble drawing Chrome app with WebGL, lots of tweaks, and ability to save as png/bmp. By Edan Kwan

ANSiEdit - Pretty great collaborative ANSI/Ascii/Color Drawing Tool with group chat. Outputs to txt and png. By Blocktronics

Online Image Editor - Web 1.0/imagemagick-style fun image generator and filters, meme text input labeled LOL Cats Text and a 2013 tab with speech bubble, sparkles, rain and other stickers/generators. Unique API. Can create moving gifs. Ad-supported. By OIE