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IPython/Jupyter Notebook Reader

This plugin gives Pelican the ability to build blogs from IPython/Jupyter notebooks.

Just install it, edit some metadata in the notebook and you're good to go.


As this is currently an alpha release, you'll need to clone down the repo and add the path to the pelican plugins path.

PLUGIN_PATHS = ['/path/to/dir/']
PLUGINS = ['ipynb']


IPython/Juypter provides a handy toolbar for editting the notebook's metadata.

Just create a substructure called "blogdata" and add the needed fields there.

//stuff here
"blogdata", {
    "title" : "My first IPyNB post!",
    "date" : "2015-03-03",
    "tags" : "tag1, tag2",
    // get the idea
//more stuff here

Once that's done, Pelican should be able to build your blog!

Known Issues

Since this uses the built in NBConvert functionality to first build an RST document, embedded HTML doesn't seem to be converted. Whoops...