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SMS Information Service for Refugee Camps
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SMS information service for refugee camps

Very few refugee camps have the resources or capacity to implement effective information dissemination services, word of mouth is the most common way for residents to get the latest camp information. This is particularly ineffective for women, people with disabilities, children or other marginalised groups who may have limited access to word of mouth due to social, cultural or personal restrictions or reasons.

Lighthouse is a service that enables camps and organisations to create a simple menu, accessible via SMS, for people to request the information they need exactly when they need it. This reduces the load on camp staff and improves the lives of refugees.

For more info, check out the pitch:


Lighthouse was developed by Ali, Arezu, Ayelette, Barney, Kat & Parth as a team participating in the Feb 26-28th 2016 Hacktivation retreat for the refugee crisis. The project was selected by a panel of judges (Katharina Borchert, Yobie Benjamin, Brian Behlendorf, Brian Reich) as the "winner". Contact @barneyjackson for more info.

Going forward

  • Replace shelve with a performant, scalable, persistent datastore
  • Add a user login/management module such as Flask-Login
  • Improve menu creation UI
  • ...
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