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Docker image and tools for MapFish Print (currently v3)
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docker-mapfish-print (formerly docker-mfprint)

Docker image and tools for MapFish Print (currently v3). Initially this Docker image is provided for the Dutch Kadaster but may be useful in other applications. See my repo docker-mapfish-print2 for a MapFish Print version 2 legacy Docker Image.


With the script the Docker image can be build from the Dockerfile but this is not really necessary as you may use your own docker build commandline.

Build argumments with values if not passed to build:

  • IMAGE_TIMEZONE - timezone of Docker image, default "Europe/Amsterdam"
  • TOMCAT_EXTRAS - include Tomcat docs, examples etc? Best to leave out, default false
  • MFPRINT_APPS - include Standard MFP print-apps (examples)? default true

Build Options

The files under the config dir are automatically integrated in the Docker image as follows:


The is a script but you may use the Docker image in any context like using Docker-compose etc.


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