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Stylize quickly reformats or checkstyles an entire repository of code. It's a wrapper over other checkstyle programs such as clang-format or yapf that lets you use one command to operate on your entire repo, consisting of multiple types of files.


# install
go get -u github.com/justbuchanan/stylize

# check files and write a patch file to 'patch.txt'. This patch file shows what
# changes the formatter would have made if run with the `-i` (in-place) flag.
# You can also apply this generated patch to the repo using `git apply`.
stylize --patch_output patch.txt

# format all code in-place
# note: make a git commit before doing this - there's no undo button
stylize -i

# format code in place, excluding a couple directories
stylize -i --exclude=build,external

# reformat only files that differ from origin/master
stylize -i --git_diffbase origin/master


By default, stylize looks for a config file named .stylize.yml in the current directory. A different file can be specified with the --config flag. See config.go for what options are available and see this repo's .stylize.yml file as an example.

Supported formatters

Stylize currently has support for:

Other formatters can easily be added. See the files in the 'formatters' directory as examples.

Python version

This project is a rewrite of the original stylize, which was written in python. Although it is no longer being developed, it's source code is available in the python branch of this repository.