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Menus and Toolbars that expose Visual Studio settings.
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Justin Clareburt
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Menus and Toolbars that expose Visual Studio settings.

Hot Settings screenshot

Intended to expose the following settings:

Editor Margin Settings (Editor margin context menu)

- Indicator margin (glyph margin)   (Text editor setting)
	○ Contains breakpoints
	○ Contains bookmarks
	○ Also used by 3rd party extensions like Inherit Margin
- Line numbers   (Language specific setting)
- Quick Actions / Lightbulb Margin (future ?)
- Selection margin   (Text editor setting)
	○ Track changes  (separate item)
- Git Diff Margin (need 3rd party extension)
- Outlining  (Edit->Outlining Cmd, C#->Advanced (default))
- Live Unit Testing (VS2017)
- Annotate (Blame)

General Settings (Editor window context menu)

- Navigation Bar (language specific)
- Code Lens [Enterprise only] (Language specific)
- Indent guides [PPT/VS2017]
- White space    (Edit Advanced Cmd)
- Word wrap    (Edit Advanced Cmd)
	○ Virtual glyphs
- Highlight current line   (Text editor setting)
- Automatic delimiter highlighting (Text editor setting)
- Show procedure line separator  (C#/Basic->Advanced)
- Show completion list [with keywords / code snippets] (C#->IntelliSense)
- Show line endings (need 3rd party extension)
- Highlight references to [symbol/keyword] under cursor (C#->Advanced)
- IntelliSense squiggles (Basic)

Scrollbar (Vertical scrollbar context menu)

- Show changes
- Show marks
- Show errors
- Show caret position

Settings Toolbar

- Contain a mix of settings from all groups above
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