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Basic open-source implementation of the server for JustComments
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JustComments Server

JustComments demo

Basic open-source implementation of a server for JustComments

The server is implemented in NodeJS. Required version is 8+;


  • basic commenting
  • single process
  • file storage

Not-included features

  • reactions
  • nested responses
  • sorting
  • social login
  • email notifications
  • push notifications
  • reCaptcha
  • higly-available & distributed storage

To have these features, please see the paid hosted version: JustComments

Server Setup

  • Clone the repository and run npm install.
  • Run node server.js

You should get a message JustComments listening on port 3434!. You can change the port in config.js.

Frontend Setup

Frontend Build

  • Define URLs where you will host the frontend and backend in Webpack config or via CLI.
  • Run npm run build.
  • Copy files from the dist to your server.

Recommended config for the frontend

<script src="https://your-server/jc/w2.js"></script>
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