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The recruitment test to apply for an engineering role at Just Eat
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Just Eat Engineer Recruitment Test

Thank you for taking the time to do our technical test. It consists of two parts:

In order to avoid bounced emails we would like you to submit your results by uploading the relevant ZIP file to a shared Google Drive folder. In order to obtain the URL for this folder, please supply your Gmail or Google-based email address to either your agent or the Just Eat member of staff who assigned you the test.

Please make this a single zip file named {yourname}-{role-applied-for}.zip containing:

  1. a single markdown file with the answers to the technical questions
  2. one folder containing the technical test

Coding Test

Just Eat has a public API available at that you will use to get restaurant information, including restaurant details and delivery information.

As an example, returns a list of restaurants that deliver to the outcode SE19, including some basic restaurant information.

The API requires you specify a set of valid HTTP request headers, as shown below. An API key will be provided to you by a member of our recruitment team.

Accept-Tenant: uk
Accept-Language: en-GB

The task is to create an application that accepts an outcode as a parameter. The application should then display the following information about each restaurant that delivers to that outcode by querying our API:

  • Name
  • Rating
  • Types of food for the restaurant

Platform Choice

You can create the application as either a command line application, web application or mobile application in any of the following platforms

  • .NET (Full Framework or Core), PHP, Ruby, Python or JavaScript for web applications
  • .NET (Full Framework or Core), Ruby or Python for command line applications
  • iOS, Android or Windows Mobile for mobile applications

Think about the type of work you would like to do at Just Eat and choose an appropriate application type and platform.

Task requirements

Feel free to spend as much or as little time on the exercise as you like as long as the following requirements have been met.

  • Please complete the user story below.
  • Your code should compile and run in one step.
  • Feel free to use whatever frameworks / libraries / packages you like.
  • You must include tests
  • Please avoid including artifacts from your local build (such as NuGet packages or the bin folder(s)) in your final ZIP file

User Story

As a user running the application
I can view a list of restaurants in a user submitted outcode (e.g. SE19)
So that I know which restaurants are currently available

If you have chosen a native mobile application platform please also include the following:

As a user running the application
I can view the restaurant logo alongside restaurant information
So that I know exactly which restaurants are currently available

As a user running the application
I can use GPS to find my current postcode to retrieve restaurant results
So that I don't need to type it in

Acceptance criteria

  • For the known outcode se19, results are returned
  • The Name, Cuisine Types and Rating of the restaurant are displayed

Technical questions

Please answer the following questions in a markdown file called Answers to technical

  1. How long did you spend on the coding test? What would you add to your solution if you had more time? If you didn't spend much time on the coding test then use this as an opportunity to explain what you would add.
  2. What was the most useful feature that was added to the latest version of your chosen language? Please include a snippet of code that shows how you've used it.
  3. How would you track down a performance issue in production? Have you ever had to do this?
  4. How would you improve the Just Eat APIs that you just used?
  5. Please describe yourself using JSON.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

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