Bundle:: and Task:: modules don't work as AUR packages. #2

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When trying to create an AUR package for a Bundle:: or Task:: module things go horribly wrong...

Bundle:: Modules

Bundle:: modules are .pm files that mostly just contain POD documentation. The POD gives a list of modules to install in a "bundle".

The problem is the CPAN client (or CPANPLUS) must parse the Bundle's POD and then go installing the modules. This doesn't happen when you create a PKGBUILD for an AUR package.

Task:: Modules

Task:: was created to solve Bundle::'s shortcomings. Task::'s can be installed standalone, without a CPAN client. They do this using Module::Install. Unfortunately Module::Install does not package modules when it installs them (and their dependencies)!


Solution for Task::

Figure out how to write a plugin for Module::Install. The locally installed version of Module::Install seems to override the included copy of Module::Install. So if we install a plugin for M::I it should automagically kick in. If this is even possible of course...


Solution for Bundle::'s

We must treat Bundle's specially and add more logic to CPANPLUS::Dist::Arch. There are two solutions I have thought of so far:


Bundle each module distribution, including the source file in the PKGBUILD's source array, and having a separate perl Makefile.PL sequence for each one.


Parse each distribution name that is provided by the Bundle::. Actually I think CPANPLUS can do this for us. TODO: Figure out how CPANPLUS provides this info, convert them to package names, and assign them to the dependency array.

I like the Soft solution better...

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