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from collections import defaultdict
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Tool(object):
Tool represents a program that runs over source code. It returns a nested
dictionary structure like:
{'relative_filename': {'line_number': [error1, error2]}}
eg: {'imhotep/': {'103': ['line too long']}}
Line numbers are indexed from 1, with the value 0 signifying a file-level
linting violation.
def __init__(self, command_executor, filenames=set()):
self.executor = command_executor
self.filenames = filenames
def get_configs(self):
return list()
def invoke(self, dirname, filenames=set(), linter_configs=set()):
Main entrypoint for all plugins.
Returns results in the format of:
{'filename': {
'line_number': [
retval = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(list))
if len(filenames):
extensions = [e.lstrip('.') for e in self.get_file_extensions()]
filenames = [f for f in filenames if f.split('.')[-1] in extensions]
if not filenames:
# There were a specified set of files, but none were the right
# extension. Different from the else-case below.
return {}
to_find = ' -o '.join(['-samefile "%s"' % f for f in filenames])
to_find = ' -o '.join(['-name "*%s"' % ext
for ext in self.get_file_extensions()])
cmd = 'find %s -path "*/%s" | xargs %s' % (
dirname, to_find, self.get_command(
result = self.executor(cmd)
for line in result.split('\n'):
output = self.process_line(dirname, line)
if output is not None:
filename, lineno, messages = output
if filename.startswith(dirname):
filename = filename[len(dirname) + 1:]
return retval
def process_line(self, dirname, line):
Processes a line return a 3-element tuple representing (filename,
line_number, error_messages) or None to indicate no error.
:param: dirname - directory the code is running in
For default implementation, regex in `self.response_format` is expected
to have the capture groups `filename`, `line`, `message` in order. If
not, override this method.
if not hasattr(self, 'response_format'):
raise NotImplementedError()
match =
if match is not None:
if len(self.filenames) != 0:
if'filename') not in self.filenames:
filename, line, messages = match.groups()
return filename, line, messages
def get_file_extensions(self):
Returns a list of file extensions this tool should run against.
eg: ['.py', '.js']
if not self.file_extensions:
raise NotImplementedError()
return self.file_extensions
def get_command(self, dirname, linter_configs=set()):
Returns the command to run for linting. It is piped a list of files to
run on over stdin.
raise NotImplementedError()