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Adding virtualenv_wrapper helper script.

Adding has_virtualenv function which will look for a .venv file in the
directory. If it exists, it will attempt to `workon` the project whose
name is written in the file.

For instance, if my .venv file contains the text:


It will attempt to `workon oebfare`. As there shouldn't be a .venv
file in a directory that doesn't have a virtual env, there is no error
handling. This should be fixed.
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1 parent a98ae22 commit 04899f005397499e89da6d562b062545e70d7975 @justinabrahms committed Mar 29, 2009
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@@ -222,6 +222,15 @@ PS1="${RED}:${NORMAL}\@${RED}: ${CYAN}(${NORMAL}\w${CYAN})${GREEN} \$(parse_svn_
source $HOME/bin/virtualenvwrapper_bashrc
+has_virtualenv() {
+ if [ -e .venv ]; then
+ workon `cat .venv`
+ fi
+venv_cd () {
+ cd "$@" && has_virtualenv
dorkitude Jul 2, 2012

This is dangerous because, if you put this in your bashrc and source it more than once, it'll create an infinite loop -- alias cd will call a function that hits the alias cd.

I fixed this by using:

builtin cd inside the venv_cd function

cjerdonek Nov 19, 2013

I created a gist for this snippet here with @dorkitude's suggested change and some other minor modifications.

bsgreenb May 9, 2014

What up @dorkitude great minds think alike

scharron Sep 24, 2014

To avoid messing with builtins, you can also use the PROMPT_COMMAND from bash.


function prompt()
  if [ "$PWD" != "$MYOLDPWD" ]; then
    test -e .venv && workon `cat .venv`
jessedhillon Mar 22, 2015

@scharron has the right answer. The current script won't work with popd and pushd.

justinabrahms May 18, 2015 Owner

Thanks guys. I added a note in the original post with thank yous. Thank you all!

New source:

cjerdonek Dec 23, 2015

FYI, if you haven't yet, I would take a look at pyenv / pyenv-virtualenv. It supersedes the need for doing this by automatically checking for a .python-version file. I've been really happy with it.

afeld Sep 19, 2016 edited

I went a step further than @scharron's suggestion, and made a script that assumes you will want a virtual environment anytime you are in a directory with a requirements.txt file.

Would love feedback!

+alias cd="venv_cd"
# Welcome Message
echo -e ""

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Also, so that you don't override Mac OS X's behavior of preserving the current working directory when opening a new terminal window (or any other existing prompt behavior), it looks like you want to replace:



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