U.S. Bill of Rights: en, sv, fi, fr, ¿es?
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U.S. Bill of Rights in en, sv, fi, and fr (and, in the future, es)

LaTeX document source for a public domain research project to translate the U.S. Bill of Rights to multiple languages. Clone at https://www.sharelatex.com/ if you are unfamiliar with LaTex or if you do not have it installed on your personal computer.

a4paper, landscape mode. use "letterpaper" instead of "a4paper" and recompile if you do not have a4paper to print out the document.

This translator ("Justina Colmena") is motivated by the failure of the U.S. medical-quack-legal system to respect the universal human rights enumerated in the original Bill of Rights, and personal legal status as "an adjudicated mental defective" having been "committed to a mental institution" in the U.S.

This translator was born in the United States (Vancouver, Washington) but is denied employment, housing, meedical care, birth certificate, passport, other necessary documents for travel from and return to the United States, the right to visit government offices to transact legitimate business, access to the court system, the right to possess firearms and vote, and many other privileges and rights in the United States on account of a transgender condition.