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// +build go1.7
package nosurf
import "net/http"
type ctxKey int
const (
nosurfKey ctxKey = iota
type csrfContext struct {
// The masked, base64 encoded token
// That's suitable for use in form fields, etc.
token string
// reason for the failure of CSRF check
reason error
// Token takes an HTTP request and returns
// the CSRF token for that request
// or an empty string if the token does not exist.
// Note that the token won't be available after
// CSRFHandler finishes
// (that is, in another handler that wraps it,
// or after the request has been served)
func Token(req *http.Request) string {
ctx := req.Context().Value(nosurfKey).(*csrfContext)
return ctx.token
// Reason takes an HTTP request and returns
// the reason of failure of the CSRF check for that request
// Note that the same availability restrictions apply for Reason() as for Token().
func Reason(req *http.Request) error {
ctx := req.Context().Value(nosurfKey).(*csrfContext)
return ctx.reason
func ctxClear(_ *http.Request) {
func ctxSetToken(req *http.Request, token []byte) {
ctx := req.Context().Value(nosurfKey).(*csrfContext)
ctx.token = b64encode(maskToken(token))
func ctxSetReason(req *http.Request, reason error) {
ctx := req.Context().Value(nosurfKey).(*csrfContext)
if ctx.token == "" {
panic("Reason should never be set when there's no token in the context yet.")
ctx.reason = reason