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URL Shorteners


I want to learn more languages. Mostly, I'm interested in:

  • Learning the basics and best practices of the language
  • How to structure a project, and development workflow
  • Testing, and tools that help a TDD cycle
  • Deployability to Heroku


This is what I think the example project needs:

  • Uses HTTP
  • Has some sort of write workload
  • Requires storage/state that can remain in-memory
  • Straightforward to test
  • Benchmarkable, if I choose to do that at some point

The URL Shortener

I need something interesting to build, but not too complex that it would take a long amount of time or result in immense frustration. I think a URL shortener is a good compromise of the requirements above.



302 Redirect to this page

GET /shorten?url=[url]

Create a new short URL, and respond with 201 Created along with the path to the token as the body (ex: /abc123).

Each shorten request will create a new token, regardless if it already exists as another token (mostly for simplicity and performance).

Ideally, we would URL-decode and validate the URL, but I'm not concerned with this to start. For now, it should respond with 400 Bad Request if the url is blank.

GET /:token

302 Redirect to the full URL, or 404 Not Found if the token was not found.