A black OS X Terminal theme that is actually readable (by Todd Werth) (Files for Mac OS 10.7+)
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A black OS X Leopard Terminal theme that is actually readable

This Terminal theme was created by Todd Werth. Read his original blog post here.

This repository contains all the necessary files to get it working under Mac OS 10.7+; conveniently in one place.

Mac OS 10.7+

The OS X terminal has support for ANSI colors since 10.7+ which negates the use SIMBL/TerminalColours.bundle. Simply install the IR_Black terminal file and set it as default.

Optionally you could add Todd's bash scripts.


If you're experiencing a font difference when connecting an external monitor try OS X hints - 10.6: Re-enable LCD font smoothing for some monitors

[...] OS X incorrectly detects many third party LCD monitors as CRTs, and consequently, disables LCD font smoothing.


Bash scripts

Todd Werth   - http://blog.infinitered.com/entries/show/6
@fyrabanks   - http://twitter.com/#!/fyrabanks

And everyone else!