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Currently, a new version is being developed. The website is down right now.


The project I am working on is a course finder, CourseFind.

I had the idea one day when I was wandering in Wean Hall at CMU. I saw students having classes and hoped to find out what classes they were having. I could just walk in and see what was going on, but it would be much better if I knew something about the class.

With CourseFind, students can easily find out what’s going on in a class room. So they can explore what’s course is interests them. CourseFind is also great for finding the room for a class, or just browsing the catalog to find what’s interesting.


  • Configuration

    This website uses Django as the backend framework. Follow the instruction on to install Django.

    To run the site locally, cd into the coursefind-django folder, and run

$ python3 runserver