Concept code only - display events in a time range on Google Maps
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Open Source Events Map

Very simple app to select and display events on Google Maps, using a suitable event source.


A basic UI is in place, with a range slider showing over the top of Google Maps.

The code to process an event source plus show selected events still needs writing.


EventsMap Screenshot


  • Node.js (0.6.x and 0.8.x should work, earlier are untested)

How to get it going

Clone the git repo:

$ git git://
$ cd EventsMap

Then install the Node.js dependencies by running:

$ npm install

Then start the server by running:

$ node server.js

The EventsMap server should start, showing output like this:

$ node server.js
EventsMap server started on port 9999

That means its working. There should not be any warnings or errors.

To view the application, browse to port 9999 of your local host:



  • Create a decent time range selector, instead of the hard coded thing sized for my laptop screen.
  • The Custom Controls should be removed, as they were from initial mucking around only and aren't useful.
  • Add code to read in a source of events, then display the ones in the selected date range.
  • Make the map automatically center on the user (when perms are sufficient). Should be simple.
  • Allow the user to choose events in distance range too.
  • Improve the visibility of the range selector.