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@gluster @browserquest @sqlitebrowser
Sai Tawng Pha saitawngpha

Creator An Android App & iOS.

Sai Pha Seoul,Korea

Joel Purra joelpurra

Gun for hire. I do freelance software development consulting. Primarily short-term contracts, optionally part-time, mostly working remotely. Follow me! =)

Rafael Carvalho rafaelcarvalhocaetano

Apaixonado por programação, tanto no Front como no Back-End. (Java, Java Web/ html, css, sass, javascript/php/angular2).

São Paulo - Brasil

仓鼠 Xu toohamster

power php

CloudWise Beijing China

MaoWtm micromaomao


Shenzheng, Guangdong, China

TechAndNews TechAndNews

Linux Workstations, Servers, Data Centers, Web Hosting, Programming Languages.

Terminal, TextEditor, Browser

Mazbaul alam Mazbaul

freelancer at upwork Bangladesh

Remy DeCausemaker decause

First ever Open Source Community Manager, for HfA and DNC. Wearing the suit so the hackers don't have to.

Hillary For America New York, NY

José Moreira cusspvz

consultant, full-stack developer, ui/ux designer, musician & diy entusiast

Póvoa de Varzim, Porto, Portugal

Francisco Maria Calisto FMCalisto

Software Developer

INESC-ID Portugal

Art Beatte IV abeatte

Facebook, Inc Seattle

Gabriel Pedro gpedro


RCF Inovações Cuiabá, MT

Michael Bond codemonkey85

3 Story Software New Milford, CT 06776

░▒▓█│【Walkman】│█▓▒░ Walkman100

░▒▓█│DotNet developer│█▓▒░ Please see for a list of my projects, GitHub's repo list is sorted by updated time :disappointed:

░▒▓█│Public Domain│█▓▒░ ░▒▓█│South Africa│█▓▒░

Klaas V Z4us

Born in Utrecht city, living in Amsterdam, both Netherlands

ZephyrosMMXI/wybe Amsterdam

Itamar Rocha imktec

Solução de TI São Paulo, Brazil

jay vyas jayunit100

Emerging tech, Automation, Distributed systems and big data stuff.

Red Hat Inc. 01742

Dean Rather deanrather

sudocode Sydney, Australia