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fix prlimit to use prlimit64

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1 parent 0dd5feb commit e3f4cf4a2c298eb194f506df2105db326f99aa4e @justincormack committed Sep 21, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 syscall.lua
4 syscall.lua
@@ -2620,7 +2620,7 @@ int ftruncate(int fd, off_t length);
int truncate64(const char *path, loff_t length);
int ftruncate64(int fd, loff_t length);
int pause(void);
-int prlimit(pid_t pid, int resource, const struct rlimit64 *new_limit, struct rlimit64 *old_limit);
+int prlimit64(pid_t pid, int resource, const struct rlimit64 *new_limit, struct rlimit64 *old_limit);
int socket(int domain, int type, int protocol);
int socketpair(int domain, int type, int protocol, int sv[2]);
@@ -4750,7 +4750,7 @@ S.RLIM_INFINITY = ffi.cast("rlim64_t", -1)
function S.prlimit(pid, resource, new_limit, old_limit)
if new_limit then new_limit = istype(t.rlimit, new_limit) or t.rlimit(new_limit) end
old_limit = old_limit or t.rlimit()
- local ret = C.prlimit(pid, stringflag(resource, "RLIMIT_"), new_limit, old_limit)
+ local ret = C.prlimit64(pid or 0, stringflag(resource, "RLIMIT_"), new_limit, old_limit)
if ret == -1 then return nil, t.error() end
return old_limit

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