Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. Widgetize plugin

    * reformatted code
    * first class support for WordPress 2.5 galleries
    * added excerpt to possible random image template fields
    committed Jun 20, 2008
  2. Convert html around each image to be templatizable

    * added ability to only select images that have a specific class attribute
    committed May 25, 2007
  3. Fix bug that might cause no image to be displayed when using regex to…

    … exclude a frequently occuring image among a small set of posts
    committed Oct 24, 2006
  4. Added sort order option: random (default) or reverse chronological (r…

    * revised how configuration options are initialized
    committed Oct 22, 2006
  5. Add the ability to selectively filter images by post category

    * added instructions to the configuration interface
    committed May 31, 2006
  6. Prevent displaying the same image twice

    * added inter_image_html option (<br /><br /> by default)
    committed Mar 1, 2006
  7. Don't select images from password protected pages

    * added post_type option to determine whether to grab images from posts, pages, or both (this prevents pulling images from draft posts)
    committed Dec 22, 2005
  8. Fix src/alt regexes, which were not stopping at first single/double q…

    * added newlines for prettier printing
    * added show_alt_caption option to display alt text as caption below image
    * added image_src_regex option to select images using a regular expression based on the image src attribute
    committed Dec 1, 2005