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Examples for using Javascript in Qualtrics
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Utilizing Javascript in Qualtrics for Survey Experimental Designs

In this short post, I walk through several examples of how survey researchers can use Javascript to accomplish commonly needed survey tasks without advanced knowledge of the Javascript language. Much of this more complex functionality can be accomplished via Javascript embedded into the survey questions in Qualtrics, a common survey software platform.

The first of these is simply randomization: picking one option out of many options, which can be time-consuming and difficult to implement using the built-in Qualtrics randomization functionality when the potential options are very numerous. This method can be extended to accomplish n choose p randomization -- that is, choosing a set number of options from a larger set of many options -- which is possible via built-in Qualtrics randomization features, but again difficult when the options are numerous. Third, I show how to accomplish block randomization among blocks created by respondent-entered characteristics. Finally, I demonstrate a technique useful for survey researchers in both experimental and non-experimental settings: using a lookup table to present certain information based on a unique identifier, respondents' panel characteristics, or respondents' answers.

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