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Visional VIM Plugin

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Jonathan Swift

Visional highlights all occurences of a word inside a buffer. The plugin allows to easily spot variable definitions, function calls and more, preventing typos and improving code readability by giving a quick visual feedback.


Using pathogen,

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/

Custom highlight

Simply define your highlight in g:visionalhl in your vimrc. For example, the default settings are

let g:visionalhl = "ctermbg=black ctermfg=red guifg=#ff0000 guibg=#000000 ctermfg=LightRed gui=bold"

Disable Visional

If you don't want the occurences of the word under the cursor to be highlighted, set the global variable g:visionalnoauto to 0

let g:visionalnoauto = 0
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