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Cyclone is a brand-new, R7RS Scheme-to-C compiler that uses a variant of Cheney on the MTA to implement full tail recursion, continuations, and generational garbage collection.

Cyclone cannot be built directly on a system that does not have Cyclone binaries installed because the compiler is self-hosting. Instead, this repository uses pre-generated C code to build and install Cyclone Scheme on a fresh system.

Supported Platforms

Cyclone has been built and tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows (using MSYS).

Otherwise please follow the instructions below to build and install Cyclone.

Packaged Installations

It is possible to install Cyclone via package manager if your system provides one. As of now the only platform that provides packaging is Arch Linux using the cyclone-scheme package from the AUR.

On other systems the following prerequisites must be installed before proceeding with the installation steps below.


  • make

  • gcc

  • LibTomMath

  • Concurrency Kit

    NOTE: The best way to install libck is via a package manager such as apt-get. But if a package is not available for this library it can also be built from source. Just replace 0.5.2 below with the latest version available from their website:

      wget http://concurrencykit.org/releases/ck-0.5.2.tar.gz
      tar xfz ck-0.5.2.tar.gz ; cd ck-0.5.2 ; ./configure PREFIX=/usr && make all && sudo make install
      sudo ldconfig

On a Debian variant such as Ubuntu the necessary packages may be installed via the command:

sudo apt-get install libtommath-dev libck-dev make gcc

The following command can be used to install dependencies on Fedora, though libck will also need to be built from source:

sudo yum install libtommath-devel gcc make


First, download the latest release in either zip or tar.gz format and unpack the archive.

Use make without arguments to install in the default location (/usr/local):

sudo make install
make test

or include an argument to specify the install directory, EG:

make PREFIX=/home/my-username
make PREFIX=/home/my-username install
make test


  • When installing to a custom location, you may need to add the corresponding bin, include, and lib directories to your PATH in order to run cyclone and complete the installation.

  • If you are building on a platform that requires special compiler commands, such as a Raspberry Pi, copy the appropriate Makefile.config.X file to Makefile.config before doing a build.

At the moment, Cyclone has only been tested on Linux using GCC. Other platforms may be added in the future.


For more information please return to the main Cyclone page.


Copyright (C) 2014 Justin Ethier.

Cyclone is available under the MIT license.