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Develop a scheme ==> haskell compiler #62

justinethier opened this Issue · 1 comment

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An experimental compiler, huskc, has been developed. It currently has the following limitations:

  • The standard library should be pre-compiled
  • Performance is nowhere near where it should be. Part of this may be that the compiled code is too verbose and unoptimized. The compiler also generates code that uses continuations in the same manner as the interpreter - the goal is to allow the interpreter to be invoked at runtime to support eval and load, but it slows down the compiled code when none of this stuff is necessary.

Since husk is intended for use more as an embedded scripting language, these are not catastrophic limitations. But it would be nice to have a fully-functional compiler available as an option.


The compiler has been developed, and most of the original items from this ticket have been resolved. As this point it makes more sense to create separate issues to address individual concerns.

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