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Popout for YouTube™ extension for Google Chrome™
CoffeeScript JavaScript

Popout for YouTube™

An extension for Google Chrome™ that adds a button to videos on to "pop out" the video into a new window. Uses jQuery.

Download and Install

Download and install via the Chrome Web Store.


Popout for YouTube™ is written in CoffeeScript. The source code is managed on GitHub at .

Development Requirements

You need CoffeeScript and zip support to build it. If you have the bins coffee, cake, and zip, you're good to go.


Run cake for a list of tasks. These are the big ones.

  • cake build to compile
  • cake zip runs cake build then prepares the Chrome extension as a zip file


Thanks to the following developers for their contributions to the project!

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2010-2014, Justin Force - Licensed under the MIT License

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