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* Fixed that :label=>false didn't disable the label on checkboxes/radiobuttons (#331)
* Added full support of :input_html options for hidden fields
* Fixed that :checked_value and :unchecked_value options were being passed down into the HTML tags as attributes
* ensure i18n < 0.4 is listed as a dependency in the gemspec
* Added :ignore_date option to time inputs (#308)
* Fixed inputs_for_nested_attributes returning out of the proc on has_many associated nested models.
* Fixed with_custom_field_error_proc to use ensure for restoring default field_error_proc and to store it in a local variable instead of in a class variable (nested calls were problematic due to the globalness of class variables)
* Added default escaping of html entities in labels and hints (#292, #299)
* Added/Fixed that :value_method and :label_method were not being used for simple collections (like Arrays)
* Added some more compatibility for Mongooid and other ORMs by checking for reflection information before calling it
* Fixed deprecation warnings in Rails 2.3.6 and newer
* Fixed a bug where :check_boxes and :radio were using method instead of :label option
* Fixed a conflict where i18n lookups were failing when an attribute and model have the same name
* Fixed some html that was not marked as safe
* Fixed :radio and :check_boxes inputs so that the legend no longer includes a <label> with a `for` attribute pointing to an input that doesn't exist (#253)
* Fixed that some inputs had invalid 'find_options' attribute (#262)
* Fixed that we were calling html_safe! when it was not always available
* Added the ability for :input_html to now accept an option of :size => nil, to exclude the :size attribute altogether (#267)
* Fixed i18n incompatibility with Rails 2.3.8 by reverting two i18n patches pulled in from the rails3 branch
* Changed date/time inputs to default to nil instead of when the object has no value (due to deprecation warning, #240)
* Changed the behaviour of associations with a :class_name option to be more consistent with what Rails expects
* Fixed issues relating to Rails 2.3.6 automatically escaping ERB
* Fixed issues with Ruby 1.9.1 and Haml
* Fixed use of deprecated {{key}} syntax in i18n interpolation (thanks to Hans Petter Wilhelmsen)
* Added the :disabled option to check_boxes input
* Added translation support for nested models (thanks to Toni Tuominen)
* Deprecated :selected/:checked options, see
* Changed CSS rules for fieldset lists to be more specific
* Changed that radio and checkbox inputs used to associate the legend label with the first choice's input (#101)
* Changed the generators to use |f| rather than |form| (#151)
* Changed the behaviour of :selected/:checked options to address several bugs and inconsistencies (#152)
* Changed CSS for input width property to max-width, allowing a size attribute to still be set
* Fixed an issue where label_str_method not honoured if the object is an ActiveRecord object
* Fixed incorrect html class for namespaced objects ("/" replaced with "_")
* Fixed compatibility issue with SearchLogic (#155)
* Fixed an issue where label_str_method was not being overridden with i18n
* Fixed a button text issue with Rails 2.x in which human_name on multi-word models returned one word (eg Ticketrequest) (#153)
* Fixed the behaviour of select inputs when the belongs_to or has_many association has a special :class_name option
* Fixed line numbers from eval'd code, to help when debugging
* Fixed CSS issue that hidden fields were not always hidden (Chrome for example) (#209)
* Fixed and improved CSS with nested fieldsets and legends
* Fixed date/time inputs where :include_seconds => true
* Fixed that inline hints were still being rendered on hidden inputs
* Fixed broken CSS declaration missing a colon
* Added configuration preferences for row and column attributes on textareas
* Added semantic_errors helper and CSS (for all errors on an object)
* Added :filename to the list of @@file_methods, to support carrierwave plugin (#156)
* Added a Formtastic::LayoutHelper with formtastic_stylesheets helper method for linking to all Formtastic CSS files
* Added labels option to date/time/datetime fields to customise the label of each part of the set (year, month, etc)
* Added many improvements to the README and docs