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* Fixed that we specified 4.0.4 instead of 4.1 in the Rails version deprecation message
* Fixed class custom input & action class loading in test environments
* Added documentation of custom input & action class finders
* Added a link to documentation & wiki from custom class deprecation warnings
* Performance and documentation improvements
* Deprecated :member_value and :member_label options
* Deprecated support for Rails version < 4.1.0
* Fixed synchronization issues with custom_namespace configuration
* Fixed bug where boolean (checkbox) inputs were not being correctly checked (also in 2.3.1)
* Fixed (silenced) Rails 5 deprecation on column_for_attribute that we're handling fine
* Added new DatalistInput (:as => :datalist) for HTML5 datalists
* Added configurable namespaces for custom inputs
* Various performance and documentation improvements
See 3.0-stable branch for 3.0.x changes
See 2.3-stable branch for 2.3.x and earlier releases
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