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Added section clarifying label lookup order.

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@@ -104,7 +104,6 @@ A proof-of-concept stylesheet is provided which you can include in your layout.
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "formtastic_changes" %>
h2. Usage
Forms are really boring to code... you want to get onto the good stuff as fast as possible.
@@ -254,6 +253,17 @@ The Formtastic input types:
The documentation is pretty good for each of these (what it does, what the output is, what the options are, etc.) so go check it out.
+h2. Delegation for label lookups
+Formtastic decides which label to use in the following order:
+ 1. :label # :label => "Choose Title"
+ 2. Formtastic i18n # if either :label => true || i18n_lookups_by_default = true (see Internationalization)
+ 3. Activerecord i18n # if localization file found for the given attribute
+ 4. label_str_method # if nothing provided this defaults to :humanize but can be set to a custom method
h2. Internationalization (I18n)
h3. Basic Localization

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