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added some stylsheet usage help to the README and to formtastic.css, …

…noting that you'll also need YUI's reset.css
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@@ -114,6 +114,16 @@ With an output something like:
The plan is that a CSS file similar to this will be generated or otherwise made available to your app to give you basic vertical (labels above inputs) and horizontal (labels to the left of inputs), and then if needed, you would write new styles on top to customise the presentation to suit you.
+You can use a proof-of-concept file however:
+1. Use the generator to copy the file into your public directory
+./script/generate formtastic_stylesheets
+2. Add both YUI's reset.css and formtastic.css to your layout:
+<%= stylesheet_link_tag "" -%>
+<%= stylesheet_link_tag "formtastic" -%>
@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ this one in your layouts and override the declarations made here to suit your ne
allow you to easily update this file as Formtastic's stylesheets improve over time without
clobbering your own changes.
+This assumes you're also using the YUI reset stylesheet:
This stylesheet forms part of the Formtastic Rails Plugin
(c) 2008 Justin French

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