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@@ -451,24 +451,9 @@ Well...there's a TextMate-bundle in town, dedicated to make usage of Formtastic
h2. Contributors
-Formtastic is maintained by "Justin French": and "José Valim":, but it wouldn't be as awesome as it is today if it weren't for the wonderful contributions of these fine, fine coders.
-* "Jeff Smick":
-* "Tien Dung":
-* "Mark Mansour":
-* "Andy Pearson":
-* "negonicrac":
-* "Xavier Shay":
-* "Pat Allan":
-* "Gareth Townsend":
-* "Sascha Hoellger":
-* "Andrew Carpenter":
-* "Jack Dempsey":
-* "Greg Fitzgerald":
-* "Hector E. Gomez Morales":
-* "Ben Hamill":
-* "Simon Chiu":
-* "Bin Dong":
+Formtastic is maintained by "Justin French":, "José Valim": and "Jonas Grimfelt":, but it wouldn't be as awesome as it is today without help from over 30 contributors.
+@git shortlog -n -s --no-merges@
h2. Hey, join the Google group!

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