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Do not verify coverage by default

Seems like rcov needs active record but do not declare it as dependency
on gem spec.

I will check this later.
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1 parent 9c489db commit 7e1490a68b764a95070c7579c48d1eb46b5a9b16 @sobrinho sobrinho committed
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ require 'bundler'
desc 'Default: run unit specs.'
-task :default => :spec_and_verify_coverage
+task :default => :spec
desc 'Generate documentation for the formtastic plugin.' do |rdoc|

2 comments on commit 7e1490a


Would definitely like to keep this on where possible, so hopefully you can find a way.


I will try to change the specs to use real objects instead of mocks to speed up.

Before that we can try to declare active record as development dependency.

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