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-1.2.4.beta (unreleased)
+1.2.4.beta2 (unreleased)
* Changed :boolean inputs to use Rails' check_box_checked? instead of our own logic
* Changed developer instructions in README
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* Fixed that tiny scroll bars were appearing on legends in date/time/radio/cbheckboxes fielsets (GH-477)
* Fixed an issue when formtastic fails to determine if a checkbox is checked with custom checked and unchecked values (thanks to Eugene Bolshakov)
* Fixed that the hidden input rendered with a boolean checkbox did nt use the custom :name from :input_html options hash
+* Fixed issue where Firefox 4 gives focus to the <li> wrapper (fixes #524).
+* Fixed that a shared input options hash could not be re-used in the view without being altered by each input
+* Improved compatibility with Mongoid Documents
+* Updated i18n dependency to ~> 0.4

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