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Tweaked CHANGELOG to reflect only user-facing changes/fixes/additions…

…, rather than internal implementation
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0.9.9 [unreleased]
-* Changed I18n handling in spec tests to use I18n.backend.reload! instead of assigning nil
* Changed date/time inputs to default to nil instead of when the object has no value (due to deprecation warning, #240)
* Changed the behaviour of associations with a :class_name option to be more consistent with what Rails expects
-* Changed testsuite to use rails 2.3.7 as base
-* Fixed use of unsafe HTML strings in tests
+* Fixed issues relating to Rails 2.3.7 automatically escaping ERB
* Fixed issues with Ruby 1.9.1 and Haml
-* Fixed inputs_for_nested_attributes only appending to the output buffer
* Fixed use of deprecated {{key}} syntax in i18n interpolation (thanks to Hans Petter Wilhelmsen)
-* Add the :disabled option to check_boxes input
-* Added helper to mark strings as HTML safe depending on environment, adapted from haml 2.2 solution
+* Added the :disabled option to check_boxes input
* Added translation support for nested models (thanks to Toni Tuominen)

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